Pornstars that only do girl on girl scenes

There’s a good reason the lesbian genre is the most popular of all in pornography. Since the beginning of time, people have had a fixation with girls kissing and having sex with each other. However, some say that today it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Hard to argue with that statement since girl-on-girl porn is everywhere you look. In fact, even mainstream movies, TV and cable shows implement lesbian sex scenes into their lineup.

All of this has made lesbian pornstars all the more popular. They are in higher demand than at any other time before. The following are the names of adult film stars who love to do girl-on-girl porn.

Kayden Kross: Her real name is Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp and she is only 33 years old. The luscious pornstar loves to engage in lesbian sex. She has already won several awards for her gay sex videos.

Elle Alexandra: Some call Elle a princess, temptress, vixen and divine. One look at the gorgeous red-head explains why. Alexandra loves munching on vaginas as well as having her own eaten out.

Eva Lovia: The sultry and beautiful 29 year old Eva epitomizes what a hot lesbian should look like. The American-Spanish-Japanese pornstar is mixture of pure perfection.

Malena Morgan: Those that love hot and sexy females performing lesbian scissoring, tribbing and other acts adore Morgan. She is an expert in girl on girl sex and proves it in many of her lesbian porno films.

Lana Rhoades: It could be her eyes, huge boobs, body or lovely face. Whatever it is, the 22 years young Lana puts it on display when she performs for the camera. The American porn actress adores kissing, sucking and licking other girls and vice versa.

Karlie Montana: Watching her suck away at another girl’s vagina will instantly arouse you. This lesbian pornstar will make you wish you can join the many female on female sex movies she takes part in.